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Amazon WP theme is one of the most recommended themes for Amazon affiliates today not only because it is new but it has promising benefits to offer. If you want to be a successful affiliate, your WP blog or site should be excellent to look and use. It should be able to draw the attention of your customers and the best way to achieve that is to use a powerful theme that is easy to execute. There are many themes out there, but Amazon WP theme started gaining popularity because it has everything to offer that offers do not.

First of all, Amazon WP theme can increase the level of professionalism in your site. If you use other themes especially the good ones, there is a good chance that other marketers are using them and that you won’t be able to stand out as it does not help in differentiating the individuality of your site. Amazon WP theme helps you create a more unique site, with thousands of customization options and features. These features allow you to design your site considering your niche and the uniqueness you want to achieve.

Using Amazon WP theme can also provide you with a more convenient option to incorporate Amazon links, images, reviews, rating buttons, buy now buttons, top ad area, featured posts, videos, features images and many others. It also gives you the opportunity to customize side bars and navigation. It comes with built-in social sharing bar where your customers can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of their favorite social networking sites. When they share these posts, you will be exposing your site into millions of potential customers. You won’t have any troubles selling affiliate products from Amazon and you will be earning a lot of commissions.

It turns out that Amazon is a more cost effective solution for affiliates looking for themes for their WP blogs and sites. It is the easiest way for them to drive traffic to their site. Another reason why it is more advantageous to use Amazon WP theme is that it has great customization options to offer to you. It has control panel where you can easily and quickly change the layout of your site. This is great to those who want to customize their blogs in a way that it will fit to the niche they are catering. You can add in your unique header graphic and come up with something new to view for your customers.

As an affiliate, you probably have recognized that the available free themes are not always the best choice for your site. Even the wrong choice of theme can completely ruin things. But if you use Amazon WP theme, you won’t encounter these situations ever again. The most innovative theme designed, Amazon is equipped with really powerful features created to ensure that affiliates won’t have a difficult time in creating and designing their sites.

If you would compare Amazon to other WP themes, you will immediately see the difference especially when it comes to the design. Amazon theme is actually more stylish, niche-targeted, specialized and presents web materials in a very organized manner. Its overall look and feel will draw the interest of the customers and it can showcase your products in a more effective manner. This reason alone makes this theme a must have especially if you are an affiliate aiming to earn bigger commissions.

Compared to other themes also, especially the free ones, Amazon WP theme is more secured. It provides technical support that can respond to your right away if you have problems with the theme. In the first place, this theme won’t give you any problems because it is very easy to install and works exactly as it promise.

Amazon WP theme comes with a number of options you can use to adjust the logo, navigation, design, color styles, fonts, advertising, SEO and other essential components of the theme. This tool allows you to change the elements of the theme and it can be achieved in a simple and quick way. You will be able to design it in a way that it will fit the niche you are catering. You can also incorporate reviews, images, ratings and videos into your site. These elements are very important as they provide additional information to your customers.

Many customers want to see this feature when they check affiliate sites because it helps them in their buying decision. When you have everything to offer in your site that your customers are looking for, they will no longer choose other websites. They will stick to you and they are more likely to buy from you. With minimal investment for Amazon WP theme, you can gain better edge and advantages over the others. And this suggests you can make a lot of money in the form of commissions every time your customers buy through the affiliate links you have provided on your site.

The Apple Ipad Mini – 16gb – Black (Wi-fi) is one of the hotest selling items this Christmas and I havn’t seen them for less than on Amazon.

Amazon Image



I am taking a break from writing about the partnership to success program to tell you about why I use Amazon for Christmas shopping.  This is the first year I have done most of my shopping on Amazon and absolutely loved it. The following  are just a few of the reasons shopping online was such a great experience for me :

  1. I could just enter a word in the search bar and was able to find exactly what I was looking for in about 1 minute.
  2. I could comparison shop all in one place because for any given category there where several different sellers listing their items.
  3. For most products their are honest customer reviews that are very helpful in making a decision if the product is best for you.
  4. I became an Amazon prime member last year and get free two day shipping on most items I wanted to purchase.
  5. No more fighting crowds and weighting in long lines just to pay for your items.
  6. I didn’t use any gas money and didn’t have to travel from store to store just to find what I wanted.

Just wanted to let my readers know you have until December 21st to shop on Amazon and still get your items by Christmas! Here are just a few of the items I bought on at the risk of my family reading this post : )

I don’t think I have to worry much though as most of my family only read my blog when I tell them to.  I usually have a hard time finding boots in the right size for my oldest daughter who is now 24 but wears size 5.5.  Before finding them online I spent about two hours with my wife looking for the style she wanted plus the right size in local retail stores without success.  I decided to do a search on Amazon that night and found just what we where looking for in about 10 minutes.  This is what we found…  they arrived two days later as promised

Amazon Image

I decided after that to do some more shopping on Amazon and ended up doing 80% of my shopping from Amazon.  The following are a few of the other items I purchased:

Amazon Image Amazon Image Amazon Image Amazon Image




Week 6 was simple but important.  There where only three videos to watch and the first two where about installing and activating a plug-in provided by Dave Nicholson who is a good friend and partner of John’s.  This widget is called “Widlink Widget” and once activated lists on your blog all the other people that are in John’s Partnership To Success program.  The last video explained how to get my blog added to the network by simply emailing John with the link to my blog.  Once I did that I went to the Partnership To Success forum and posted my blog URL in the forum.

I commented on John’s blog and will be commenting on everyones blog over the next few weeks.  This not only gets more good back-links to my blog  but also encourages everyone to promote each others blogs and get a buzz going.  This  week was very simple but also very interesting to visit all the other blogs in the network.  Some more advanced but all had similarities and enough differences to make them unique.

Next week I look forward to some advanced blogging techniques as well as starting to learn how to pick my niche and begin product creation.  I can’t wait so I will be ordering those now as I am ready now.

Shop Amazon – FREE One-Day Shipping on Select Products

This weeks training was all about list building by setting up an pop up opt in form with Aweber.  I said in my last post that I was useing Simply Cast as my autoresponder service because it was free.  Well after watching the video training for this week I decided it is well worth the investment to open an account with Aweber.  I was thinking I would stick with Simply Cast until I start seeing opt-ins but when John started showing me how to set up a pop up form with Aweber I decided it was time to get the $1 one month trial Aweber offers.

I want to be prepared for next weeks training when John is going to show me how to get traffic to my blog.  Simply Cast didn’t have a way to put a pop up form on your blog plus the free account would only allow one form per account.  After I got the cool looking pop up that John provided the graphics for set up I created a new list and confirmation message in Aweber.  I was shown every step of the way how to upload the graphic to my blog and then copy the url into Aweber.  I then copied the code from the new form I created and was shown where to place it in Word Press so it would work.  It only took me about an hour to do everything and everything worked great the first time I tested it.



This week I am starting to build a list of subscribers by getting an account with an auto-responder service and putting up an opt-in form on my blog.  John recommends Aweber which I have had in the past and agree it is the best but until I start getting some opt-ins I am using a service called SimplyCast which is free to use.

The next thing I did was to download some social media icons from a resource page that John had for me and add them to my blog right under the opt-in box.  We were asked to register with all the social sites last week but I already had an account with all the sites I was encouraged to register with.  The social sites included Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin.

After I put the opti-in box and social media icons on my site I was instructed to set up an Aweber list.  I don’t currently have an Aweber account but was able to do the same thing with SimplyCast.  The Flex3 theme made the task of adding opt-in box very simple.  John also gave a simple example of adding a confirmation message to my autoresponder.  I look forward to next weeks lessons where I will start learning how to drive traffic to my blog.

I have learned a few things about blog creation so far in this course but basically have breezed through the training so far.   I am trying to follow this training as close as possible realizing I know most of the fundamentals John is teaching now.  The only thing I have done different from what he recommends is hosting my blog with a different hosting company because I already have paid up hosting for a year.  The hosting company I use is just as good in my opinion and only costs me $15 a year.  I sent a support ticket to Johns support desk asking if it would effect my success in the course and received a reply that it wouldn’t and to keep the hosting I had already paid for.

I want to follow the course as close as possible because John has made over five million in sales online and even though I have been trying longer than John I don’t think I have made more than $500 online.  The one thing John recommends that I have always avoided is writing my own content.  He recommends writing about what I am learning in this course which is exactly what I am doing.  It is only the third week and I have already seen clime in the search engines.  What I like is I can move at my own pace.  All I have to do is send a ticket to John’s support desk and I can get the next week of training usually by the next day.

I have already completed week threes tasks which included starting to monetize my blog with advertising.  I was shown how to obtain a Google publisher ID which I already had and then put adsense ads on my blog.  First I was advised to block and unblock any ad categories I did or did not want in my Google account.  Next I added the adsense ads to my blog which was very easy to do with the flex3 theme.  I could even change to size and position of the ad with one click.

In another video I was shown how to create link categories and ad links to other sites to my blog.  I already new how to do this as well but as I said earlier this is the fundamentals to setting up a blog that brings in income.  I added several links to my other blog and to some of John’s sites.  I also added some in post links as recommended as well.


This week I was encouraged to write at least five blog posts of original content so I have decided to document my progress every step of the way.  When I have completed the checklist for each week I will take a screen shot of my blog so as to be able to see the progress made.  I didn’t take a screen shot of the first week because I didn’t think about doing it and it was just a fresh install of word press anyway.  The first week I got my domain name and set it up with my hosting account where I am hosting for free by the way.  If you would like free hosting go to this link for 100mb free hosting or upgrade for only$15 a year for unlimited space.   I also ordered a header and footer graphics and installed word press on my domain.

Week 2 I  installed the flexability3 theme that was provided and put all my downloads in a newly created file on my desktop. I also installed my header graphic that took just two days from the time I ordered it. For the first time since I have been trying to earn a living online I feel focused and am truly making progress.  The blog is really beginning to take shape now that I have the theme installed and header in place.  The flexability3 theme John provided is real easy to use and makes adding and removing unwanted graphics and content a breeze.

The next step for week 2 was to install social media plugins.  There where two free plugins that I installed after doing a search in word press.  The first plugin makes it so anyone commenting on my blog receives a do follow link which encourages people to leave comments.  The second plugin was a social media plugin that puts icons next to each post to encourage sharing with other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg.  The last thing I did for week to was to create an about me page.  I did this and put my picture on the page next to my story of why I am taking this course at this point in my life.  You can read it here.  We were also encouraged to sign up for a free adsense account with Google but I already have one so was able to skip that step.


This is my first blog post.  I am working with John Thornhill who will be showing me how to transform this blog into a great resource for people to come and learn how to earn a living online with their own blog.

I joined his program partnershiptosuccess today and for my first assignment got a domain name that reflects  me.  He instructed me that the best domain would be but that was already taken so the next best thing was which was available so I grabbed it.

I was first introduced to John by Jim Cockrum by an email informing me about John’s launch of his traffic getting product called Simple Traffic Solutions.  I purchased Jim’s program called Amazon Proven Formula and have been making money with Amazons FBA program where you mail products that have a good chance of selling on Amazon for more than you purchased them for locally.

I decided to partner with John after watching a webinar he put on and described to a tee the reasons i was failing online.  I took good notes and will share those with you right now:

  1. Wrong Mind set
  2. Quitting at the first hurdle
  3. Scared of failing
  4. Want to earn money for doing nothing
  5. Being part of the herd
  6. Not building a list
  7. Jumping from product to product
  8. Only thinking about making money
  9. Thinking the world owes you something
  10. Creating poor quality products
  11. Moaning about your current situation
  12. Not willing to help others
  13. Thinking it is easy to make money online
  14. No time excuse

He then listed the 3 steps to success:

  1. Create an online presence
  2. Create your own great product
  3. Get traffic

Over the course of the next six to twelve weeks I will be following Johns advice as he helps me to start earning a living online. The course comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.  He has other students that have under his tutelage made millions online.  John himself showed on the webinar that he made 5 million in sales with his business last year.  I will also have access to all of Johns products and no extra cost over the course of the next twelve months plus a select few of his partners products.